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Deceased Preference Service

A difficult time made easier by stopping direct mail and protecting the identity of your loved one.

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The Deceased Preference Service is quick, easy and free of charge to register 

Receiving mail addressed to a deceased relative can be distressing and a painful reminder of the loss of a loved one. No reputable organisation wishes to cause distress to the recently bereaved and it is these organisations with whom we work.

When you register with the Deceased Preference Service: 

Your loved ones will be removed from unsolicited mailings. It will not apply to official communications such as bank statements, bills, premium bonds, etc.  However, by registering with us you can be assured that the majority of direct mail will be stopped, and your loved one's identity protected.

In addition, details of the person registered are shared with organisations including credit reference agencies and financial institutions. They use this information to check new credit applications and existing accounts to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. 

Who can use this service?

An individual registering the death of a family member or friend.
A solicitor or other professional organisation representing the bereaved.

Register Today

Reasons to register your loved ones with the Deceased Preference Service:


  • Easy to use: register online or call 0800 068 4433
  • Free of charge
  • Peace of mind: only one form, we will do the rest on your behalf
  • Register a death at any time
  • Safe and secure: data will only be used for the purposes advised