Information for Registrars

Over 85% of the Register Offices in the UK distribute our Death Certificate Wallets. The wallets are free of charge and hold the death certificate and other related documents safely and securely.

If you are one of the Register Offices that help us distribute these wallets and you require a new supply please call Neil Farrell on 01628 535482.

Why use our wallets?

DPS is part of Mortascreen – the largest and most effective database of its type. It has been in operation for 20 years and adds approximately 45,000 names a month to a total of over 11 million records. In addition to being the largest direct mail suppression file for deceased individuals in the UK, Mortascreen assists all the CRAs (Credit Referencing Agencies) in detecting and preventing fraud. In a similar way they also advise many pension fund institutions and police authorities.

How to order free wallets?

If your Register Office would like to start to distribute our Free Death Certificate wallets please call Neil Farrell on 01628 535482.

We are always very keen to receive feedback from The Registration Service. If you have comments or questions regarding The Deceased Preference Service please click here.

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