Stopping Unwanted Mail

Receiving mail addressed to a deceased relative can be distressing and a painful reminder of the loss of a loved one. Over the last 20 years we have worked hard collecting names and addresses of the deceased and supplying them to organisations across the UK in a secure manner. No reputable organisation wishes to cause distress to the recently bereaved and it is these organisations with whom we work.

It is estimated that each year over 40 million items of mail are addressed and delivered to the deceased. Working in partnership with other organisations we are determined to help reduce this wasteful and upsetting statistic. By using this service you are helping us by reducing the amount of mail items that are addressed to those who have died.

In Combined with other sources we collect the details of over 95% of deceased individuals in the UK. This makes us the largest and most effective organisation of its type.

The information provided will be used to remove personally addressed, unsolicited mailings and help combat identity fraud. It will not apply to official communications such as bank statements, bills, premium bonds, etc.

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